Don’t Discipline In The Heat Of The Moment – A Lesson From Phil Dunphy

  • Your kid will do all kinds of things that surprise you. Some good. Some bad.
  • When they do something they should not do, there needs to be a consequence.
  • Some of us dads…me…are quick to just pronounce a consequence.
  • These pronouncements are usually not thought out well and drastic. They can be just as surprising as the kid’s action.
  • Instead of pronouncing some quick discipline,…
    • cool off…take your time…and think about a consequence that will actually help your kid make better decisions in the future.
    • have a calm conversation with your kid about what they did and why there has to be a consequence.
  • Don’t discipline / give a consequence in the heat of the moment unless you absolutely must.
  • Need an example of what not to do? Here’s a clip of my favorite dad Phil Dunphy:

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