Dear Dad Who Is Thinking About Leaving His Family

  • Please don’t leave.
  • Fight for your marriage…even if you don’t want to fight for it. Don’t walk away even if she’s changed, if sex is non-existent, if you’re attracted to someone else, etc.
  • The love, the attraction, the desire, the friendliness, the feelings, the sex, etc. can come back.
  • If your wife won’t work on “us,” go work on you. Work on you even if she is willing to work on “us.”
  • If you leave, you will negatively affect your kid. You will affect…
    • how your kid sees herself/himself.
    • your kid’s current and future relationships.
    • how your kid perceives their abilities.
    • what motivates your kid.
    • the commitments your kid does and does not make.
    • how your kid relates to men.
    • your relationship with them for years to come.

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