How To Talk To Your Kid About School Shootings

  • Of course, what you tell your kid about school shootings will depend on their age and the questions they’re asking. Don’t over-share.
  • It’s important that you’re comfortable talking to your child about school shootings and other bad things that happen in our world.
  • Everyday, let your child hear you say…
    • School is a safe place.
    • All people make bad decisions.
    • Some people make decisions to hurt other people.
    • We need to decide to love other people…no matter what.
    • You can disagree with someone and still love them.
  • When a school shooting happens, help your child understand…
    • It’s okay to be sad.
    • It’s okay to ask questions.
    • It’s okay to not understand why something happens.
    • It’s good to talk to God about your feelings and questions.
    • God can give you hope even in bad times.
    • Decide one thing you can do as a family in response to what happened: write letters to those hurting, take food to first responders, buy gift cards for teachers, etc.

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