What To Do When Your Kid Makes You Look Like The World’s Worst Parent

  • Ever been in that situation…it’s alway in front of other people…when your kid does something that makes you look like the world’s worst parent? Just me?
  • They pitch a fit, yell at you, throw something, say that word they learned from their mom…not you, scream at the top of their lungs…you’ve been there, right?
  • All eyes turn to you and you feel like the worst parent ever. All because of your kid’s actions.
  • How should you react?
    • Don’t get revenge by making your kid look bad.
    • Do what you gotta do to stay calm emotionally, physically, and verbally.
    • Try calmly talking to your child.
    • Calmly remove your kid from the public spotlight.
    • Yes, a consequence / discipline is usually appropriate when this happens. But do this when you’ve calmed down and not in front of everyone.
    • Figure out what caused your child to act like a lunatic…I mean act the way they did…and help them learn how to cope better in that situation. Or help them avoid that situation in the future.

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