Touch Your Wife

  • Touch your wife in front of your child.
  • Yep…that kind of touching.
  • Keep it PG.
  • Don’t do something that will cause your child to need counseling one day.
  • It’s one way to show your child that you love your wife…which produces positive consequences in your child’s life.
  • It’s also known to have possible positive consequences in your marriage too. Wink.

Your Marriage Is More Important Than Your Parenting

  • Too many dads are great at being dads and less-than-great at being husbands.
  • While parenting is a challenge, ultimately your child makes their own decisions and is their own person.
  • Your child (who they are and what they do) is a likeness of who you are.
  • Your marriage is a direct reflection of who you are.
  • The interesting thing, though, is when you get your marriage right, you often get your parenting right-er.

Dads Who Travel

  • I’m in two airplanes and three airports today, so I’m thinking about us dads who have to travel.
  • When you travel, leave home as late as you can and get home as soon as you can.
  • When possible, schedule your trips around your family’s schedule…not your client’s schedule or your schedule.
  • Leave your wife and kids notes and/or surprises.
  • Bring everyone back something fun…I’ve learned every airport sells some kind of gummy candy that represents their state. Thanks, FL, for the gummy alligators.
  • Say no to work at some point before or after your trip so you can say yes to your family.

Lessen Your Wife’s Insecurities

  • Your wife has insecurities. You do too…but that’s another post for another day.
  • Do you know what her insecurities are?
  • Watch her. Listen to her. Just ask her.
  • Most importantly, do you know why she is insecure about those things? What is the true source?
  • Now, make it your mission to build her up in those areas.
  • Lessen her insecurity.
  • Remove the questions she has about herself…or at least give her new answers to those questions.

This Year Stop Saying Your Family Is Your Priority

  • Happy 2014! We dads are always looking to start the new year feeling good about ourselves.
  • So we…or maybe it’s just me…declare things like, “My family is going to be my priority.”
  • This year, try something different. Stop saying that.
  • This year…throughout the year, ask your wife and kid if they feel like they are your priority.
  • How they feel matters more than what you say.
  • Instead of just feeling good about ourselves, let’s win this year!

What Do You Want Your Kid To Take From Your Family To Their Future Family?

  • With your wife, determine your family’s core values. May sound nerdy, but it matters.
  • What things do you want your family to be known for?
  • What do you want your kid to take from your family to their future family?
  • What attitudes and behaviors and habits do you fight for in your family?
  • What do you complain about concerning your kid? What you consistently complain about often shows what you really care about.
  • If you care…Our family’s core values are time, trust, respect, love, and laugh.